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Flying Cars or Flying Pigs? Hyundai Reveals Urban Air Mobility Plan
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Hyundai is trying to conjure up an alternate reality, apparently, they are making significant investments into flying cars. The car industry has been peddling the myth of the flying car for over 50 years. Flying cars will always be an idea, they will never take off. But Hyundai executives reckon they will introduce a flying car by 2030. This is absolute nonsense of course. Hyundai will not have flying cars, however, the company’s European CEO believes otherwise. During a media interview Michael Cole said:

“We think that by the latter part of this decade certainly, urban air mobility will offer great opportunity to free up congestion in cities, to help with emissions, whether that’s intra-city mobility in the air or whether it’s been between cities.”

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Flying Cars - dailycarblog

It’s all nonsense of course. Cole didn’t mention flying cars, he said “urban air mobility”. Because Hyundai manufactures cars many in the media have taken the term urban air mobility and translated it into flying cars. Hyundai’s renderings show a plane-like helicopter. Clearly, you can’t land and park it up in a tight city parking bay.

However other car manufacturers [Mercedes, Geely, Toyota] are investing in the urban air mobility game. Market analysts believe it will be a $1 Trillion USD industry by 2040. Urban air mobility will end up being an expensive chartered taxi for those able to afford the flight time. If it ever takes off.

Before that future happens, the urban air mobility industry will have many regulatory hurdles to leap before the green light is lit. If it ever is. We’ll know in 50 years time.

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility - dailycarblog
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