Hyundai UK - Fuckers -
Out of Touch Hyundai UK Promotes Racism Yet Again, Says Jeremy Clarkson Is The Greatest Automotive Icon
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Jeremy Clarkson has topped a UK poll to find the greatest automotive icon, according to a study by Hyundai UK. Back in 2014, a disgruntled BBC employee released outtake footage of Jeremy Clarkson using racist language. Clarkson used the so-called N-Bomb, to describe people of Afro-Caribbean descent during the filming of an episode of Top Gear. At the time Clarkson justified his racist views by saying he “sees no problem” with such racist language. During an episode of the Top Gear Burma Special, Clarkson used a racist trope towards a Burmese local who was helping to build a makeshift bridge.

In 2016 Clarkson settled a racial discrimination case brought against him after he punched a Top Gear Producer while hurling racist abuse at his Irish colleague. These incidents alone would be enough to end any media career in 21st century Britain. Not for Jeremy Clarkson, his career was somewhat rescued by Jeff Bezos and now he is a multi-millionaire.

The bastards over at Hyundai UK want you to conveniently forget the minor missteps made by Clarkson because they are out of touch with reality. Cleary the folks over at Hyundai UK have the intellectual rigor of an amoeba. By declaring Jeremy Clarkson to be, in their world view, the greatest automotive icon they are also promoting racism.

Hyundai even boasts about commissioning this detached from reality study. Probably for the sole purpose of drawing as much PR value as possible. You know what Hyundai UK can do? they can fuck off with this shitty automotive icon fuck. If they had any fucking sense they would not have commissioned this bullshit in the first place.

Hyundai UK - Fuckers -
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