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Audi Quattro Re-Born Into Electric Car Homage By E-Legend
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If you have never heard of E-Legend before neither have we. But if you can pay a PR agency to conjure up a good press release supply some inspirational 3D renderings then hey presto… you have the E-Legend EL1. The company is based in Beilngres, about 35km from Ingolstadt. The company was founded by Marcus Holzinger a former VW designer who also runs his own product design agency. As for the E-Legend EL1, it’s a pure electric car homage to the classic Audi Quattro S1 Rally. E-Legend is making some bold claims.

E-Legend EL1 - RV - Dailycarblog

The E-Legend EL1 will be powered by three electric motors and a 90kWh battery pack producing over 816bhp. It is designed to offer a range of 248 miles and will zap from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds. The two rear-mounted electric motors will offer torque vectoring. The monocoque is made from carbon fibre to keep weight down but it will still weigh in at around 1,680kg.

E-Legend EL1 - Interior - Dailycarblog

Admittedly, the renderings do make a visual impact, and if you know your Audi Quattro history or not the Legend EL1 does look mighty tempting. But it will come at a cost, only 30 units are planned and each one is provisionally priced at $1.19M USD. However, questions remain. We’re not too sure from where Holzinger is going to source the underlying electric vehicle technology.

E-Legend EL1 - Dailycarblog

We concluded that he will most likely use a stock Porsche Tycan as a donor vehicle. And we also concluded that these renderings are designed to generate interest and business inquires. For all we know E-Legend’s HQ could be a moth-eaten tent, situated in the middle of a dense German forest.

E-Legend EL1 - FV - Dailycarblog
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