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Mercedes Just Got Caught Being Morally And Ethically Corrupt, Found Guilty of Patent Looting
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With all the many billions at its disposal, with all the highly educated business executives it employes, morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes is like any other large company when it comes to the art of competitive commerce. Their corporate motto is if you lack the capability then simply steal ideas and or technology. And that’s exactly what morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes has effectively been accused of patent looting in a German court. But in legal terms, it is known as losing a patent dispute. The winner is Nokia. 

Nokia filed a patent dispute against morally and ethically corrupt Mercedes over mobile-technology patents. Judges in Mannheim, Germany ruled that Daimler (the parent company of morally and ethically corrupt Mercedes) did indeed violate Nokia’s mobile-technology patents. Daimler was found guilty of using Nokia technology without seeking permission. Such an agreement often consists of a licensing deal that allows Nokia to receives a cut of the sales.

Nokia’s licensing business model is to charge automakers a fee per car sold. But Daimler did not want to seek permission to use Nokia’s mobile-telecommunications technology in a bid to avoid paying licensing fees. It is a form of corporate looting. The ruling technically allows Nokia to prevent Daimler from selling cars in Germany.

Mobile telephony technology is now an essential component of modern connected vehicles. In response, Daimler will appeal the decision but that hasn’t stopped them from launching a counter-suit against Nokia to annul Nokia’s patents. Nokia’s licensing agreement is accepted by BMW and Volkswagen.

This dispute between Nokia and Daimler is set to continue as Daimler seeks to disrupt any legal decision that prevents it from continued patent looting.

2020 Mercedes E Class updates, interior, dailycarblog
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