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Enes Yilmazer Tours $10,000,000 Californian Mega Mansion, Supercar Fleet Included

Enes Yilmazer, property developer by day and YouTuber by day, tours a $10,000,000 luxury Californian mega-mansion. The property has been re-developed and is modeled on classic Spanish Villa architecture that is popular throughout old California. Enes Yilmazer points out that the property is set in Alamo, CA within a plot of 5.18 acres lot / (20,962 sqm).

The luxury mansion offers 15,000 sq ft of interior space / (1,393 sqm) and has been extensively refurbished outside and in. In total this particular property has 15 bedrooms and 13 baths, which makes it a small hotel. However, this is a private residence.

Do you need such a big house? If you can afford it then why not. For the individual who can afford such a house, it’s all about making a statement. A big house is a sign of big success and (more often than not) a big mortgage. But what really gets our attention is the fleet of supercars.

Enes Yilmazer loves dailycarblog.com
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