Incredible $18 Million LA Mansion Includes Glass Fronted Garage

In the last of our cars and architecture series of videos, we take a walk around an £18 million modernist LA mansion nestled in the sunny climes of Beverly Hills. All made possible by YouTuber and Real Estate expert, Enes Yilmazer. Please note, this particular property does not feature any cars, not one. But it does feature a glass-fronted garage, not seen that before.

But it got us thinking if I or any of my colleagues owned this property what car or perhaps a fleet of cars would I own. It stands to reason that if you can afford a super-luxury $18 million LA mansion, you can also afford a sizeable fleet of high-end cars. Personally speaking, I know I wouldn’t get a TVR, I like big, comfy SUVs.

But Les Edgar would always be welcome to visit. Indeed Les can pay us a visit at any time. However, he will need to bring a pair of Wellington boots. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to vacate our serviced offices and not because we couldn’t pay the bills… AHEM!

Although a luxury LA Mansion would be the ideal office space, DCB HQ has relocated to a number of tents on a remote windswept hill overlooking a farm. The view is nice, weather permitting, but a herd of sheep bombards the fields with dung. Not pleasant during socially distanced client meetings.
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