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Is GM Planning To Crush, Kill, Destroy Tesla With The Hummer EV

General Motors recently revealed plans to crush, kill, destroy Tesla with a direct rival for the Cybertruck. The GM Hummer EV will be an all-electric pickup that is scheduled to go on sale in 2021. According to GM, the Hummer EV will be the “world’s first super truck.” Which sound’s good if you work in a marketing agency but what does that mean in reality? The GM Hummer EV Pickup truck will use GM’s proprietary and so-called “Ultium” battery pack. Ultium is a more efficient derivative of Lithium-ion batteries that helps reduce the cost and improve battery performance. 

The Ultium battery technology was developed with LG Chem and GM reckons it will provide super-fast charging with a minimum range of up to 400 miles. Tesla is also working to improve its battery technology. The Tesla Roadster is reputedly capable of a 620-mile range courtesy of a 200 kWh battery.

The biggest problem with electric cars, is no longer range, nor maybe the time it takes to re-charge, It’s to do with weight. Current battery technology is heavy which impacts the overall range and ride and handling. Future battery development will see a significant reduction in size, weight and improved endurance and range.

So how much will the Hummer EV Pickup Truck cost? $80,000 is the ballpark price. New technology is often expensive and that expense is often the burden of early adopters.

Hummer EV, dailycarblog
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