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The GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Is Going, Already Gone Diesel
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Pick up owners across America will be deeply concerned about General Motors’ decision to fit the extremely popular GMC Sierra Pickup truck with a diesel engine. In America, the Pick-up truck is synonymous with raspy, over-blown V8 engines. The V8, in America, it is the symbol of the American dream, it is the automotive equivalent of the American Apple Pie, if such a reality actually exists.

Americans simply hate diesel, even the average buyer of Pick-up trucks realized they we’re far too polluting. Nevertheless, new modern engine technology is making the diesel engine more palatable for many buyers of the GMC Sierra Pickup truck.  

General Motors haven’t sold diesel engines to the American market since 1997, the engines we’re primarily designed and engineered for the European and Asian markets. However, GM’s 3.0-litre Duramax turbo-diesel is beginning to see an uptick in sales.

Demand for Sierra’s AT4 and Denali diesel variants have increased by 15 percent. Although year on year demand is 1.5 percent down due to the coronavirus pandemic. GMC sold over 200k Sierras in the U.S. last year.

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck, RQ, dailycarblog

The biggest selling point is the range offered by the diesel Duramax, 700 miles is possible without the need to re-fuel. It’s interesting to note that GM is pushing the diesel engine. In Europe diesel engines are on a count-down to a planned extinction event.

Diesel will become persona non-grata, in 20 years’ time, Europe will ban the diesel engine in an effort to combat climate change, cut pollution and lower emissions. America’s climate change and overall environmental policy are in a state of political flux.

The lobbying industry is often seen as a form of legalised corruption. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have legislated bribery to receive donations for political purposes. These donors include the fossil fuel industry. So whether Trump is in power or not, America’s environmental policy is governed by the fossil fuel industry. The politicians, once in power, are there to simply enforce whatever their donors demand.

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck, dailycarblog
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