Lamborghini SCV12 Blueprints leaked, dailycarblog
Lamborghini SCV12 Leak Fully Reveals Track Focused Special Edition in Detail
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The Lamborghini SCV12 has been leaked, albeit in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) form. The SCV12 is currently shrouded in secrecy or rather wrapped in camo secrecy. Lamborghini is putting the monster track-focused hypercar through a rigorous final test program prior to a late summer launch. The CAD drawings were uncovered by don’t ask how an EV forum got their hands on the SCV12 blueprints. But let’s just say the Daily Car Blog is well connected these days.

Lamborghini SCV12 Blueprints leaked, Front, dailycarblog

The Lamborghini SCV12 will be powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12. Lamborghini has already stated that the SCV12’s engine is the most powerful iteration yet created. Power is rated at 830bhp which is funnelled through a six-speed sequential gearbox. That sounds insane and judging by these CAD blueprints it certainly looks totally insane.

SCV12 Blueprints leaked, Rear, dailycarblog

Based on the Aventador the SCV12 will be a track-focused, track-only customer car, in a similar vein to the Ferrari FXX series of track focused special editions. One can clearly see that the SCV12 is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency. Much of the aero-detailing suggests that Lamborghini will create a one-make endurance event and also enter the SCV12 into Le Mans.

SCV12 Blueprints leaked, Side Elevation, dailycarblog

The SCV12 is centred around a new ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre chassis and will have upgraded race-spec push-rod suspension. Magnesium alloy wheels also serve to further reduce weight. Pricing is yet to be revealed, however, one can expect the SCV12 to retail easily for around £1 million or £2 million.

Lamborghini SCV12 Blueprints leaked, dailycarblog
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