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Carwow Asks The Question, Is The Volkswagen Touareg R Bloody Awful?

No, no, no, NO! Engerland’s Carwow vis-a-vie Mat Watson didn’t pose any such question, nor did they say at any point in the video that the VW Touareg R is or could be bloody awful. Doing so would land Carwow in hot water with the powers that be over at VW PR. If you are a motoring journalist you don’t upset the powers that be. We have met two of these duplicitous powers that be at VW PR people whom we refer to as dumb and dumber although their colleagues refer to them as the dynamic duo.

We didn’t see any dynamism in these two individuals, just two people climbing the greasy corporate ladder, intent on stepping on anyone who gets in their way. And they do it with a smile. Admittedly we do ourselves no favors, we’re not clever enough to skirt the thin-line between retaining access and not giving a fuck at all, a skill we will never master.

Anyway, having driven the Touareg I can attest to it being bloody good. The VW Touareg R is another matter, it is a performance variant powered by a 3.0-litre 463bhp turbocharged V6, which means it should be bloody good. But what does Mr Carwow Mat think?

VW Touareg R - Dailycarblog
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