Honda Prototype EV Reveals A 1980s Vision of Future Interior Vehicle Design
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Don’t get me wrong this looks like a very interesting interior design from Honda for their new prototype compact EV. but it looks a bit 1980s. And not in a bad way. Indeed it reminds us of KITT, from Knight Rider. Which reaffirms the 1980s vibe.

Note, Honda says “prototype interior” and not “concept”. So what you are looking at is a preliminary version. A concept is usually defined as an idea to help sell or publicise a commodity.

Honda also says the interior is designed to create a warm and engaging atmosphere inspired by the Urban EV Concept launched at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The driver interface shown in the image features a full-width dashboard with clean design elements and intuitive user focused technology. 

The prototype version of the electric vehicle will be unveiled on 5 March at 2019 Geneva Motor Show.


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