Electric Vehicles Take A Small But Giant Sales Leap In America
Did you know electric cars are as old as the internal combustion engine powered vehicle, over 120 years ago clever scientists knew that electric cars would be way less efficient than gas powered cars. That principle still exists today and that’s why for over 100 years cars have been powered by petroleum. Battery technology hasn’t moved on significantly but over time processes have been developed to make modern day batteries more efficient at releasing stored energy. However there haven’t been any major breakthroughs in developing a battery that has the equal energy content and efficiency as the equivalent amount of petrol. So why is the automotive industry stepping back over 120 years in order to forge an electric powered future? Tough emissions regulations because despite being way, way more efficient gas powered cars are way, way more polluting. Bad for the environment. So the automotive world has developed hybrid cars which combine electric motors and the conventional internal combustion engine in one package. And then there are pure electric cars. The Toyota Prius pioneered the Hybrid system, everybody laughed because there wasn’t a perceived market. No one is laughing now as Hybrids and pure electric vehicles are the focus perhaps even the fashion of the moment. Modern day hybrids such as the Volvo XC90 T8 or the pure electric Tesla Model S are a snap shot into the future they go like stink, but advanced technology comes at a cost to the end consumer. While this development of ‘Green Technology’ is steered by governmental policy what happens if a government suddenly abandons its commitment to a cleaner environment? This is where rouge agents of foreign ‘vassals’ who feign patriotism become the head of state and can change the conversation in order to line the pockets of his/her obscenely rich industry supporters. In Trumps America the powerful oil industry will have the final say about the future of Electric Vehicles until Trump is inevitably impeached. But that doesn’t mean electric car sales will diminish. Research carried out by TopSpeed.com suggests a rise in the sales of Electric Vehicles across the United States. Its a small but defining step. In Trump’s America the resistance is everywhere. Check out the Topspeed.com Infographic below for more information.   Top-Speed-EV-Sales-Chart-2017  Tesla-Model-S-TopSpeed-Study-2017
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