Ferrari F12, the Doug De Muro verdict,
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, The Doug De Muro Verdict

Doug De Muro reviews a used Ferrari F12. New it would have cost over $400k. The pre-owned, 2015 example is borrowed from a San Deigo supercar dealership. It still costs over $200k, according to De Muro that’s cheap.

And he is probably correct. At some point, the Ferrari F12 and it’s 6.3-litre V12 735bhp supercar will accumulate in value. Particularly as cars go hybrid and or fully electric within the next 10 years. De Muro car reviews are almost forensic, and also funny. He takes the time to find ergonomic oddities and poke fun at design decisions. Or as he calls it “quirks and features”. But you cannot dislike an F12 and neither does De Muro. But it does look like a Corvette.  
 Ferrari F12, the Doug De Muro verdict,
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