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Which Is Better The Neesan GT-R Nismo or The Corvette Z06

Motor Trend pit the Neesan GT-R Nismo against the all American  Corvette Z06. The Corvette Z06 has 650bhp and a massive 881 Nm of torque all of which is generated from its supercharged 6.2-litre V8.

The Neesan GT-R Nismo with its V6 Twin-turbo churns out 591bhp and 652 NM of torque, the GT-R Nismo high-performance derivative of the standard GT-R.

Both of these cars offer performance and at a premium. The GT-R Nismo costs £125k and the Corvette Z06 £95k.

But if you want a Ferrari with the same sort of power output you would have to double or maybe triple that asking price.

But the most important question concerning car reviewers is… which one is faster, the underpowered Neesan or the “hella-sweet” Corvette?

Motor Trend pits the two together but curiously not at the same time. As it stands the underpowered Neesan marginally wins this contest.

Neesan-GT-Rvs-Corvette-Z06 copy
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