Mercedes E Class E400 cabriolet autoblog review,
Autoblog Reviews The Luxurious But Rather Pointless Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet

We have always said that the Cabriolet by its very nature is a compromise. Everyone knows that when you chop off the roof of a car you lose structural integrity. I used to own the last generation E Class convertible and it was terrible. The ride was bad, the handling was bad and the scuttle shake added to the misery. Not worth the money.

So I personally have little expectations of the latest generation E Class Cabriolet being any better. Sure Mercedes will say the overall weight is some percentage better than the previous generation. But that’s what they say with all new car releases.

So our general belief is that convertible cars are just not worth it. Although Autoblog’s upbeat review says otherwise.

Mind you the vast majority of people who buy into the convertible culture are not too bothered about scuttle shake or reduced handling performance.

The people who buy a Mercedes E Class Cabriolet are more interested in the overall experience Mercedes offers and also, maybe, it’s a measure and sign of success.

So our advice is to ignore our advice… top quality carblog advice from

Mercedes E Class E400 cabriolet autoblog review,
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