Why The New Mercedes E Class Coupe Irritates Me
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The new E Class was officially revealed by Mercedes yesterday evening after previously being leaked online. So the anticipation of seeing something new for the first time and being impressed has been taken away by a selfish act. But at least we get a clear view of the new Coupe and it looks OK. Some online carblog juggernauts who have been bought out by the Mercedes advertisement spending power are naturally paying backslapping comments. mercedes-e-class-coupe-official-profile We will never be bought out so we can say what we actually think without fear of loosing any advertisement revenue. OK so the E Class Coupe looks nice in the same way that asking your barber for a mullet and thinking it looks nice is normal. We’re sure it’s going to have a nice selection of engines from diesel to petrol and we’re sure it’s going to have a nice crazy AMG version. mercedes-e-class-coupe-official-rear There are plenty of carblog juggernauts you can read giving very nice, detailed and backslapping comments. We’re not going to do that for this car. The old E Class Coupe was based on the C Class chassis and the same goes for the all new E Class Coupe. It’s to do with reducing costs and speeding up development. That’s why the new E Class Coupe carries over the saloon’s interior with the exception of the air vents and swankier looking leather seats. mercedes-e-class-coupe-official-interior-wa Having driven the new E Class saloon I can say this. It drives nice but it irritates me, it really does not for many reasons but for one obscure and probably insignificant reason. It’s all to do with the ash tray cover situated in the central console beneath the heating controls. When you open and close it it feels flimsy and downright cheap. That really irritates. If I were spending money on a car that boasts a premium luxury image with starting price of £32k then I would be considerably deflated at that cheap bit of piano black finished plastic. mercedes-e-class-coupe-official-interior Its as if Mercedes are saying we crossed the development finish line and we cant be bothered any more. It would so irritate that I would probably shoot it off with an illegally bought sawn-off shot gun. That bit of cheap plastic is probably down to the Mercedes accounts department. Why spend a billion dollars on developing a car and then get a cost cutting conscience about a bit plastic that might hurt long term revenue streams? It doesn’t make any sense. Just charge more Mercedes over charge, over charge more you are a premium luxury brand Mercedes not Renault.  mercedes-e-class-coupe-official-front
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