BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish,
BMW Phobia Is Real As BMW, Makers of Premium Luxury Rubbish, Burns Its Reputation

When we referred to BMW as being makers premium luxury rubbish we knew it was an end game for us in terms of respectability. To be honest it never existed, however, motoring publications do not dare criticise BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, for fear of being blacklisted or just being plain ignored. If you are being ignored by BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, then your standing within motoring journalism is like being branded a heretic. We’re not too concerned about our reputation and we certainly will not lose any sleep over labeling BMW makers of premium luxury rubbish. Not least when BMW knowingly sell products that are faulty and end up killing people. And yet they, BMW, are being propped up by motoring journalists who can’t afford to buy a BMW but will at least be able to say they drove a BMW sideways and survived. And yet highly respectable motoring journalists will still carry on as if everything thing is fine. The situation reminds us of the former, so-called, Iraqi Ministry of comedy, otherwise known as Comical Ali, aka Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. Jalopnik has made criticisms of BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, but unlike Jalponik there will be no backtracking like a bear on a unicycle from us. Unlike Jalopnik, we will never get an invite from BMW PR because we here at DCB are idiots and our criticisms are a little bit more pointed. Why? because BMW are makers of premium luxury rubbish. And furthermore, unlike Jalopnik, we are a mere speck of dust floating in a Universe devoid of dust particles, asteroids, meteorites, planetary bodies, the sun etc. We, DCB, exist in the blackness of deep space unknown and undetectable. Anyway yet another case of a burning BMW. This time South Korea where BMW Phobia was a top trend on social media.  BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish,
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