Rubbish BMW, 5 Series on fire in Russia,
5 Series On Fire! Video Confirms Rubbish BMW Is Maker of Premium Luxury Rubbish

We have said before and we’ll say it again, rubbish BMW is a maker of premium luxury rubbish cars. Such an assessment is unjustified and as the great Ben says, lacking in critical analysis. And you know what? the great Ben is correct. 

Being so cruel to such a great brand is actually being kind, yes you have to be cruel to be kind. Our hope is that rubbish BMW can actually make cars their sales and marking literature says they offer. We hope rubbish BMW can become great again, and we will support any campaign to make BMW great again. That’s a great slogan, isn’t it? Make BMW Great Again, sounds like a campaign slogan in the making. Whether we are justified trawling the pits of journalism with deliberately petty minded articles/posts is for history to decide. Nevertheless, there are plenty of petty minded news organizations who deliberately mislead, lie, clickbait and they are considered the vanguards of journalism. We will never be able to match these misleading, lying, clickbait organizations for pure journalism, in comparison we are mere amateurs. Anyway, as we try to fill the collum inches with drivel, watch as this BMW 5 Series spontaneously catches fire somewhere in jerk-water Russia. Apprantelly the fire was due to a loose oil connector. If you are interested in buying a used BMW then our advice is DON’T! until you know what the hell is going on.  Rubbish BMW, 5 Series on fire in Russia,
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