Aston Martin DB11, Trasco, armor plated,
Germany Just Turned The Aston Martin DB11 Into An Armor Plated Man of Steel
Worst Car of the Week

We get that people who buy into the Aston Martin brand may well want to invest more money in personalising their luxury supercar. We get that. We also get why people may want to modify their Aston Martin. You know, perhaps they may well want something more bespoke, something more personalised than Q by Aston Martin offers. But we say unto you, what is wrong with an OEM DB11 or V8 Vantage?

The problem with an OEM bespoke service is that you are pretty much locked into a limited set of offerings. Even for the Aston Martin DB11 which costs over £150k. For example, we would avoid the V8 Vantage S Red Bull Racing Edition. It’s a marketing gimmick. To that end, customers seek an alternative to the official alternative. What about an armor-plated Aston Martin DB11? It’s been modified by German-based Trasco, specialists in armor plating vehicles. The Trasco DB11 has been upgraded to level-4 armor plating which consists of composite materials and ballistic grade steel. The glass is also replaced with level 4 ballistic grade glass. There is a price to pay. As well as the estimated £340,000 price tag, the upgrade weighs and additional 150kg. As you may, or may not know, sports car manufacturers are always trying to reduce weight for better overall performance. We’re not sure if the armor-plated DB11 has been given an upgraded suspension and braking system to cope with the additional weight. However, the DB11’s V12 produces 600bhp and 700Nm of torque. Enough power yes, but due to the additional 150kg overall performance will almost certainly take a hit. And that’s what we don’t get about this Trasco Aston Martin DB11. Why would you want or even need an armor-plated supercar? I have never seen a DB11 in a warzone. Trasco predominantly armor plates luxury limousines and SUVs. Clients range from diplomats, heads of states usually in unstable parts of the world or in a state of war… or Rio De Janerio. You won’t find any Aston Martin DB11s in a failed state under attack from AK47 wielding rebels or partisans. You will find AK47 wielding banditos in Brazil. In the UK rebels or partisans trying to disrupt the state for their own personal and financial ends are known as the Conservative Party. Aston Martin DB11 by Trasco, you belittle the values of supercar ownership, speed and performance are your true destiny, not armor plating and that’s why you are the worst car of the week.  Aston Martin DB11, Trasco, armor plated,
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