Lada 4x4 Vision Concept,
Lada 4×4 Vision Concept Is The Commi-Libtard SUV Americans Were Born To Hate
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Lada recently unveiled its vision of the future in the form of the 4×4 Vision Concept. The concept is touted as being the possible look of the next generation Lada Niva, a compact SUV that looks as though was designed and manufactured at the dawn of humankind. The concept made its official debut at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show and was designed by British automotive designer, Steve Mattin.

Like all concepts, the Lada 4×4 Vision Concept is a design study and we hope it gets into production as is. However such hope faded fast. Why? Lada 4x4 Vision Concept, side elevation, Because Lada is owned by AutoVaz. That’s not the problem. It is our sad duty to report that AutoVaz is owned by… Renault. We have long had issues with Renault, personally, I was a Renault owner. My experiences with Renault was ridden with unreliability, blown turbos and clear evidence of cutting costs where ever possible. Lada 4x4 Vision Concept, interior, Add to that the general cheapness of Renault interior trim, and you really do feel like being whacked over the head by a far-right lunatic is a better alternative. Hell, watching Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes is torture but still preferable to owning a Renault. Lada 4x4 Vision Concept, rear view, So what do we know about the Lada 4×4 Vision Concept? not much. But let’s take a guess at what Renault will do. Cut costs is one thing. The most obvious decision Renault will make is to use the Dacia Duster chassis, and powertrain. Russia and its people are doomed. Its a win-win for Renault and a good grief for the rest of us.  Lada 4x4 Vision Concept,
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