Rolls Royce Phantom, $80k money pit,
YouTuber Buys 2005 Rolls Royce for $80k But The Running Costs Are Insane

Buying a 21st century Rolls Royce Phantom, circa 2005, for $80k is a relative bargain OK so it’s a 13 years old Rolls Royce Phantom and that doesn’t seem too much like a bargain to those who can’t even afford $800 we acknowledge that. But considering it cost £$400k new at the time it still represents a significant markdown to experience peerless engineering and ultra luxury motoring.

Only YouTuber Hoovies Garage, aka Tyler Hoover, has to contend with a lot of issues. Apart from not being a multi-millionaire, Hoover faces a further spend of $10k to get the Rolls Royce Phantom to perform as it was meant to. We didn’t mention BMW parts, but in the video Hoover does and if you are reading this Rolls Royces UK PR, the war is over.  Rolls Royce Phantom, $80k money pit,
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