Dacia Duster, don buy it, it's shit
Dacia Won’t Build A Large Duster SUV Because It’s Too Expensive For Tight Wads
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If you are going to buy a mid-sized SUV then avoid the Dacia Duster and anything made by Renault, being a former Renault owner meant a replacement blown turbo. When I came to replace the turbo I discovered how Renault goes the extra mile to save costs. Everything seems flimsy and fragile from the screws to the actual components that are held by the rusting nuts and bolts. I forgave them at first but the Va Va Voom died when my other Renault’s died on me and since then I have spent my life trying to get revenge, first by issuing a number of fake news stories and then by actually telling the truth and mixing in a few fake news anecdotes because if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist you need to know how to lie and make it look truthful, that’s why The Sun and the Daily Mail is so popular… come on Engerland, get in there, gosh! So what has all this got to do with the Dacia Duster, Renault own Dacia and that’s a bad thing on so many levels. The Dacia Duster’s soul is Renault and wears its Renault heart on its rusting Dacia sleeves with as much pride as Steve Bannon wears his barely disguised neo-nazism as a badge of honor. There is no honor in neo-nazism and there is no honor in owning a Dacia. Yes, the Dacia Duster is the cheapest SUV you can buy but you may as well buy one from a scrapyard because that’s where Dacia’s most often end up. Of course, we have no statistical data to back up our theory so what we are doing is seemingly making up an issue in order to push an agenda. What we have admitted to is using the tool book of modern day journalism. But the only agenda we are pushing is to inform you to not buy a Dacia Duster indeed do not buy any Dacia at all because you really do get what you pay for. Even Dacia admit buying a Dacia isn’t worth it, they very nearly decided to introduce a large SUV but decided not to do so because it would have outcompeted their Renault and Nissan sister brands. In addition, a larger Dacia literally means a price increase because more materials and man hours are used to build a bigger car. Dacia cannot afford to offer a higher priced model because it damages their reputation for offering cheap cars. We’ll need plenty of cheap cars when we leave the EU, how misinformed Englander peoples can vote to make their lives worse off is still a mystery as much as it is a mystery as to why Dacia continues to succeed. Having tested the first generation Dacia Duster I can say it was an awful experience from the driving position to the feeling that you had been kidnapped and incarcerated in a rat infested hell hole. The second generation Duster has a revised exterior design and improved interior trim and materials but the underlying engineering is still locked in the 1990’s. Don’t buy a Duster and don’t believe the happy go lucky marketing and avoid the Renaults and avoid the Nissans of this world, buy… something… else. Or just dig a ditch anything but don’t buy a Duster.  Dacia Duster, don buy it, it's shit
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