Dacia, We’ll Pay You £2000 To Scrap A New Duster… Enough Already With This ‘offer’!
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Great news! Dacia is offering a scrappage scheme allowance of up to £2k for people with no hope and very little aspirations. The Dacia is a cheap compact SUV, £9k will allow you drive away with a car that will depreciate and eventually rust, quicker than metal can melt in molten lava. Because our legal team has instructed us to end this article with immediate effect we no longer have anything else to say about Dacia. Actually, we didn’t require the intervention of our legal department to cease writing this article with immediate effect. But we can provide you, the reader, with consumer advice, and to our French readers, we can say only this. If you really want to waste your money, your £9k, then give it Oxfam, Dacia really isn’t worth it.  Dacia-Duster-Scrappage-Scheme-Dialycarblog
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