Supercars of London, McLaren Senna Portugal Test, 2018,
When Supercars of London Man Tested The McLaren Senna

OK, so we have been on our annual summer break, so don’t expect too many updates during the month of July, and besides a rare phenomenon is happening right now across these United Kingdoms, consistently good and unbroken periods of warm weather. So without further ado let’s get back to the subject. Supercars of London Man YouTuber guy.

Even though we the Daily Car Blog are known by McLaren and receive supercar invitations to attend driving events we don’t receive the A-List invites. So what is a McLaren A-List invite? In the blogging sphere, you have to be excessively popular, so that instantly rules us out of the A’List category. But if you are one the popular Vloggers based on YouTube and you have a large following, you have a gateway into receiving such A’List invites. Supercars of London Man, Shmee150, Vehicle Virgins, Mr JWW are some of the YouTubers with large followers or subscriber base. And that makes them important for McLaren’s marketing department because these YouTubers enable the targeting and retargeting of adverts on unsuspecting subscribers. It’s a case of you scratch my back and we will give you full access to the McLaren Senna, but we don’t know what Nikki Shields is doing at this event because, by comparison, she has a tiny YouTube subscriber base. But she does sound posh and she does have a TV celebrity status, fronting car shows and the Formula E series. What’s a TV? And why is Supercars of London man gurning in every YouTube screencap? Anyway Supercars of London Man will reveal all about the McLaren Senna, that’s us done for this month we’re off to enjoy the Britishshire weather.  Supercars of London, McLaren Senna Portugal Test, 2018,
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