YouTuber Takes Delivery of E63 AMG… As His Daily Driver
We regret not starting a YouTube channel, it would be a disaster because we don’t have the ability to face a camera and the camera never lies, people will pick up anti-social cues rather quickly. For those who can face a camera and convincingly lie and make out that they have the best life, in the world, then YouTube is a gold mine. The YouTube gold mine can reap rewards, Parker Nirenstein stared off writing car reviews for his website, vehicle Virgins, before switching fulltime to making YouTube videos. YouTube can be seriously profitable for a one-man operation, you just have to build up a subscriber base. Several years later Parker now owns a Lamborghini Huracan, a brand new 5,000 square-feet house, and just took delivery of a brand new Mercedes E63S AMG… and he’s still only 24. If you think he was a rags to riches kid who got lucky, well his dad owned a Porsche 911 Turbo when he was a kid. His first car review was his very own 2001 BMW E39 M5, worth 20k back in 2013. Now, where the hell did a kid get the money for that?… Daddy? Nevertheless… Jesus, we’ve been wasting our time with this crappy webshite.  Parker-Nirenstein-Vehicle-Virgins-E63-AMG-Dailycarblog
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