Scotty Kilmer laughs at Ford - dailycarblog
Scotty Kilmer Laughs At Ford Mustang MachE Buyers

If you are a motoring journalist and are at one with the Ford press machine, you are enslaved. Enslaved to Ford’s ever-watchful eye if you go off-road to the conventional way of thinking. UK motoring journalists are obliged to visit Ford’s garage stuffed with vintage Fords. No journalist dare admit that vintage Fords from the 80s and 90s were utter crap. 

Scotty Kilmer got fed up with the PR thought Police which is why he freed himself from the oppression of Ford’s marketing disinformation campaign.

He points out that the Mustang Mach E is facing problems and laughs at Ford technicians who are not yet fully up to speed with how to fix known issues on models across the Ford product portfolio.

Scotty Kilmer laughs at Ford - dailycarblog
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