Keep Your Car Looking Brand New with These Tips

A brand new car is a sight to behold. It looks great and, you might think, it’s never going to look that good again. It’s natural to expect wear and tear to begin to take its toll on your car until it doesn’t look quite so new. But what if you could keep your car looking as new as possible for as long as possible? While you can’t do anything to prevent your car from looking out of date in a decade’s time, you can take steps to ensure your car remains looking shiny, clean, and in good condition. So how can you keep your car looking amazing?

These tips will help you to ensure your car looks brand new even years after it’s left the dealership.

Clean Your Car More Often

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How often do you clean your car? Do you really do it as often as you should? A lot of people only do it every few months or even only a couple of times a year when it starts to get visibly dirty. But washing your car more regularly not only helps it to look good but is also an important part of maintenance. When you keep your car clean, you can prevent corrosion and other problems. You should wash your car every couple of weeks to keep it looking good. Some people even recommend quickly cleaning with a waterless cleaning product every day to prevent dirt from building up. Some say not to use professional car washing services, but it could be better for your car than trying to clean it yourself.

Dry and Wax Your Car


After your car has been washed, you could just leave it to drip dry in the sun. However, doing this could mean that you end up with streaks or minerals and dirt left on the car after the water has evaporated. Instead of leaving your car to dry on its own, dry it manually so that it’s completely clean. You can get towels, cloths, and sponges that are designed for drying your car that will be gentle on the paintwork and effectively absorb all the water. When your car is dry, you should wax it too. Waxing your car gives it that new car shine and helps to protect it.

Clean Off Spots Quickly

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Regularly washing your car cleans off the buildup of dust and dirt, but there are also times when you need to spot-clean your car. If anything drips onto your car or you spill anything inside, make sure to clean it off right away. The longer you leave it sitting there, the greater the risk of permanent damage to your car. Keep some wet wipes or a cloth and some cleaner in your car so that you can clean off any splotches right away.

Get Repairs Completed ASAP


It’s frustrating when your car is damaged, whether it’s in an accident or a tree or bush scratching up the paintwork. Whatever has happened, minor damage is often easy to fix, but it can be easy to ignore too. Instead of leaving it, get it fixed as soon as you can to ensure your car looks great. A service like SMART Repairs will help you to take care of any problems, from scuff marks to scratches and dents. Quickly deal with these issues and they won’t build up.

Protect Your Car from Scratches

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As well as dealing with damage when it comes up, it’s smart to take steps to protect your car. A lot of things could scratch or scuff your car, from other drivers to things falling from trees. If you want to protect your car, make sure you always park it somewhere sheltered. Park with enough space between your car and others, as well as enough space for pedestrians to get by without having to squeeze past. If you can’t park under cover, consider using a separate cover for your car.

Maintain the Interior

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The inside of your car matters too. If the outside looks good, the interior should also look brand new. Maintain your car’s interior by cleaning it regularly, including vacuuming and wiping down the seats. You might want to use seat covers to protect the seats. Make sure to clean the floor mats and give all of the hard services a wipe and dust when you’re cleaning the interior of your car.

Your car won’t be new together, but you can still keep it looking great for as long as possible. Take good care of it to maintain its shiny appearance.

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