Toyota Hilux WhistlinDiesel Durability Test - dailycarblog
WhistlinDiesel Durability Tests A Toyota Hilux

Layabout YouTuber WhistlinDiesel wants to know if the Toyota Hilux is as durable and indestructible as Top Gear made it out to be. He decides to slam the rear door 1000 times, really hard. He then tries to durability test the rear tailgate. Eventually, he tries extremely rough driving whereupon we discover WhistlinDiesel has little time for personal safety.

For reasons unknown he then overloads the rear payload with bricks which begins to buckle the rear section. But the Hilux survives everything WhistlinDiesel can imagine to throw at it. Watching the video, you begin to wonder if the dude is a low-functioning sociopath.

What will happen to the Toyota Hilux in part 2?

Toyota Hilux WhistlinDiesel Durability Test - dailycarblog
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