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Someone Created This Porsche 911 SUV Coupe Concept
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That someone is Jiawei Lin, a green-fingered transport design graduate from Pasadena, California. Lin created the concept for his final University thesis, a four-door Porsche 911 SUV Coupe Concept. It’s obvious that inspiration for this concept is taken from the 911. According to the creator, the vehicle is pure electric, AWD and offers Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities, theoretically speaking. Lin refers to his concept as a “4-door family electric sports car”, more sedan than SUV coupe.

However, the high-riding appearance gives the impression of an SUV design direction. Lin outlined the demographics as being majority male, aged 40 50 years old, with a family of 3-4 and an average household income of $300k.

Porsche 911 SUV Coupe - Rear - Daily Car Blog

Clearly, Lin is not aiming for motoring journalists many of whom live in the streets and eat out of supermarket bins. Lin’s concept even features active aerodynamics. In reality, this is just a concept created by a design student for his thesis.

Porsche 911 SUV Coupe - Front - Daily Car Blog

However, Lin’s concept looks far better than the actual for-real Porsche Cayenne Coupe. Why didn’t they make something in the vision of Lin’s Porsche 911 SUV Coupe Concept? it would have sold out already. Not that Porsche is having trouble selling cars right now.

Porsche 911 SUV Coupe - Daily Car Blog
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