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Practicing Quantum Presbyterian, Mat Watson, Mocks Protestant Church Goers During Audi RS e-Ton GT Review

Never mix religion, politics, car reviews and Mat Watson together. Or generate long headlines because it could get crushed by Google search engine bots. But Mat Watson does mix two of the three. The Carwow superstar YouTube presenter has decided to form a religious splinter group, a neo-reformation movement away from Protestantism. Watson is now the leader of the so-called Quantum Presbyterian movement. He picks a Protestant Church as a backdrop (we don’t know where we’re going with this, it’s word-filling day here at DCB) to mock church-goers by formally declaring his new religious zealotry to the world. All while filming a review for the Audi RS e-Tron GT.

Meanwhile, Audi has really hit the ball out of the park and into the universe with the e-Tron GT. Whichever model you go for, you get your hands on one of the most stylish premium luxury sedans of the moment. And it also happens to be pure electric, which means it is going to be expensive, prices start at £80,000. That being said, we would still opt for a Tesla Model S Plaid, because the underlying technology and crucially the charging infrastructure is significantly superior. Audi does win on quality and pure style.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson is not a practicing Quantum Presbyterian and he has not formed a Protestant splinter movement. Quantum Presbyterianism does not exist. Mat Watson did not mock Protestant churchgoers during filming for a car review. No churchgoers were approached or mocked by Mat Watson. Church institutions are closed to the general public due to the pandemic. Mat Watson is not a religious zealot. Mat Watson is a gum touting, gum-chewing Brummie.

Quantum Presbyterian Mat Watson - Dailycarblog
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