Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas Confirms Lewis Hamilton Has Signed A New Contract With Mercedes
Formula One

It’s deal done between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes F1 as the two parties have finally agreed to sign a new three-year contract. Details are thin on the ground, however the contract brinkmanship between Hamilton and Mercedes F1 is finally over. But hold on, how do we know? Nothing has been confirmed just yet and Hamilton has remained tight-lipped as he tiptoes on the edge of brinkmanship contractual negotiations. Our speculation is based on Valtteri Bottas, who during a recent media interview inadvertently, let slip that Hamilton has re-signed with the Mercedes F1 squad, without actually saying so.

During a recent media interview Bottas said:

“As a team we have been performing at the top for years now and we have won the Constructors’ Championship. My team-mate has been beating me for years now, so my only goal is to beat him.”

Bottas inadvertently let slip that Sir Lewis Hamilton will be his teammate for 2021 My team-mate has been beating me for years now, so my only goal is to beat him. is a direct reference to Lewis Hamilton.

If contract talks between Hamilton and Mercedes had, for whatever reason, broken down then Bottas would have (hypothetically speaking) said “so my only goal is to beat my team mate, whoever it may be”

It’s there, written in broad daylight and set in stone, thanks Valtteri Bottas, thank you for ending the endless, and often pointless, speculation about Hamilton’s future within F1.

Valtteri Bottas
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