Bloody awful Tiguan Coupe, dailycarblog
Doug DeMuro Bought A Brand New Land Rover Defender… With His Own Money

Why Doug? why? He just purchased a brand new and guaranteed to be unreliable British designed made in Hungary Land Rover Defender. He spent $73k! We’ll be interested to see how this particular story goes. Doug is looking to own the Defender for at least 7 years. The problem with Land Rover is everything. The V6 Ingenium engine is problematic and is so riddled with defects we fully expect Doug to experience said engine issues. But he doesn’t really care, “bring it on” says Doug.

Nevertheless, you can’t fault DeMuro’s enthusiasm. And as ever the the YouTuber is always looking for a penny to pinch. He opted for the base trim, partial cloth/leather seats. That said we love the look of the new Defender, these SUVs are massive once you see them on the road.

However, you will never see a Land Rover Defender off-road. You will see a Defender in the dealership in the garage, being repaired due to an endless list of faults and often mysteriously unrepairable. The real problem with Land Rover isn’t just the multitude of electrical faults and engine issues. it’s… from our experience, Land Rover UK PR.

We were about to go into full rant mode, but we’ve got a session of Gran Turismo waiting to be played.

Bloody awful Tiguan Coupe, dailycarblog
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