JerryRigEveryThing Hummer EV Tour, dailycarblog
JerryRigEveryThing Tours The All Electric Hummer

Being a top-rated YouTuber is like having an all-access invite to exclusive all-access invites. And JerryRigEverything is a top-rated YouTuber who is famed for breaking and taking apart tech-gadgets. The YouTuber gives his channel subscribers an exclusive first tour of the Hummer EV. The only invite the Daily Car Blog gets these days is to pay yet another PCN.

Nevertheless, JerryRigEverything is a truck guy and actually does do off-roading. The 1,000 BHP Hummer EV even has 4-wheel steering for that perfect off-road gait. However, this will not be an off-road pickup purchased by a bunch off Yankee Doodle Red Necks. 

Yah’all need $80k to buy one, and Red Neck’s don’t do $80k off-roaders.

JerryRigEveryThing Hummer EV Tour, dailycarblog
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