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Germany Gives The Volkswagen ID3 A Massive Suplex of a Review
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It appears that Germany actually has real motoring journalists doing actual motoring journalism. Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport has given stark criticisms of the Volkswagen ID3 peppered with a few positives during a preview test. It must be noted that the ID3 being tested by the publication was a pre-production unit. Nevertheless, even this sample test fell short of VW’s usual high standards. Criticisms were directed to the inner side of the hood which “looked as though it had been painted with a spray can.” The review also noted that build quality also fell short of VW’s usual high standards.

And Auto Motor und Sport didn’t stop there, they slated the slow-to-boot-up infotainment system, uneven panel gaps, and an unusable navigation system. Even the interior came in for criticisms for its wholesale cheapness. In modern automotive journalism, which has turned into automotive hackery, for a German publication to criticize a German auto brand is highly unusual. Because let’s be realistic here, the motoring press has been bought and paid for.

Highly unusual because the said publication has got more to lose in terms of accessing VW’s marketing and advertising spend. It’s also highly unusual because you don’t see this level of detailed criticisms being leveled at a car company in 2020.

VW ID3 interior

As an example, we know of motoring journalists who will not criticize certain Skoda models for fear of losing access to the press fleet and the advertising marketing gold-mine that accompanies it. We can only assume Auto Motor und Sport has been inspired by… the Daily Car Blog… AHEM!

On a more serious point, the publication did reserve some praise for the ID3. The car handled and rode well enough and the powertrain was also given a thumbs up. But the 359 KM of range was far too low considering the ID3 has a starting price of nearly 49,000 euros.

As a comparison, the Tesla Model 3 standard plus costs 42000 euros and has a range of 362 miles. Tesla has got this match won already.

Autogefuhl Blouse VW ID3
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