Auction Car BMW E92 Coupe Dailycarblog
Auction Car Reveals The BMW E92 To Be Premium Luxury Rubbish

Buying an auction car is akin to playing Russian Roulette with a real gun, Deer Hunter style. Anyone who has bought a used car from an auction will know you pay for what you can’t see or wasn’t listed in the description. When buying from an auction you have to assume there will be many issues. YouTuber LegitStreetCars checks out a BMW E92 3 Series a friend bought from an auction.

Turns out the 335i’s Twin Turbo engine had a low boost pressure problem, a common fault for the E92. The engine was misfiring. Turns out the wastegate actuator rod was rattling, a quick simple fix but a common issue. The fuel injectors needed replacing.

If you buy an auction car make sure you have the ability to effect repairs because if you do not the costs can escalate. The E92 cost $6k and required a further $3k on parts, both mechanical and interior. You can buy a used example in far better condition for slightly less money.

So the moral of the story is, don’t a car from an auction, buy smart.

Auction Car BMW E92 Coupe Dailycarblog
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