Volkswagen Apology Tour ID.3,
Volkswagen’s Dieselgate Apology Tour ID.3, Is Now Available For Pre-Order
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After dieselgate Volkswagen held their collective heads in shame. Such unlimited fraud and deception would have sunk any other company. But not Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a survivor and one has to commend the company for making people want to forget and move on from dieselgate. And the way how Volkswagen has changed the narrative, going from fraudulent and deliberate polluter to hippy loving, caring and sharing, wanting to save the planet for future generations is a case study in hypocrisy of the highest order.

But just as long as there are motoring journalists wanting to help Volkswagen paint over the cracks we can all move on and quickly forget about the past. And there are plenty of motoring journalists willing to sing from the Volkswagen hymn sheet, plenty willing to re-write history to suit whatever narrative they want to carve out for whatever purpose.

And now many motoring journalists are calling the Apology Tour ID.3 the most important car in the last decade. But let’s be fair to Volkswagen, the Apology Tour ID.3 could be seen as redemption. From fraudster polluter to planet-saving, low emissions, no-emission electric cars. Is Volkswagen turning a new page in a new chapter to save humanity from itself? Or is Volkswagen reacting to save itself from itself?

And now for the responsible fair and balanced part. Pre-orders for the Apology Tour ID.3 start on July 20 with first deliveries available from October. prices for the pure electric hatch start from £35k.

Volkswagen Apology Tour ID.3,
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