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Der Neue Premium-Luxusmüll BMW iX3 Wird Enthüllt
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It’s here, it’s finally here, der Neue BMW iX3 pure electric X3, ergo iX3. the first fully electric der BMW SUV. We anticipate the BMW iX3 will be shockingly expensive, BMW’s mostly are. But the early phase of this electric car re-revolution (electric cars have been around for over 100 years) will hit early adopters hard in the wallet. In Europe, excluding In-ger-land, the iX3 will retail for around 70,000 EUROS. A shockingly expensive amount for a car of this type. If you can’t afford the iX3 but want an SUV, an X3 specifically, of course, you can go for the range of petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid variants.

In the UK BMW will offer the iX3 as an exclusive pre-pre-lauch Premier edition, which launches in summer 2021. But BMW doesn’t want to drive you away potential iX3 buyer. Pre-ordering begins in autumn 2020 when BMW will reveal the full specification and pricing, for the UK market. That’s very generous of them. The iX3 will be powered by BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology.

BMW iX3 EV SUV, SE, dailycarblog

The new 80 kWh drive system unit generates a maximum output of 286 hp and peak torque of 295 lb-ft which, unlike with many other electric motors, is sustained at high revs. The new BMW iX3 sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds, putting it in the same territory as the conventionally powered BMW X3 xDrive30i. Top speed is electronically limited to 112 mph.

As with all current-generation electric cars fast charging allows for outputs of up to 150 kW, meaning the high-voltage battery can be charged from 0 to 80 percent of its full capacity in 34 minutes. Drivers can inject the power required to add 62 miles to the car’s driving range (in the WLTP cycle) in just 10 minutes.

BMW iX3 EV SUV, RQ, dailycarblog

In terms of iX3 equipment and trim levels, it’s copy/cut/paste from the X3. BMW also makes a concerted effort to convince that the ride and handling are typically BMW. However, electric cars, at this stage of their re-introduction are still too heavy courtesy of the number of battery cells required. Weight will affect handling for sure. So don’t believe whatever BMW is officially telling you.

BMW iX3 EV SUV, dailycarblog
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