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The Best Countries for A Road Trip

One of the most exciting moments in life is having across European road trip with your family members. So where to? Summer is approaching, and within one month from now, temperatures are expected to rise, and again days will grow longer than you could expect. You will enjoy your European road trip with your family during the summer since this is the best time to view the beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Here are the best countries in Europe to visit for your 2020 for your road trip.

Germany – The Munich to Berlin road trip

It is a one-way road trip with an average of about six hours, although it will depend on your speed. Undoubtedly, on this trip, you will get a rare chance to see the famous Autobahn. On A-10 route heading north of Munich, you will have the opportunity to either stop along the road for a while or drive straight to Berlin. However, be careful to observe the speed limits shown on electronic sighs located on various zones since they can let adjust your speeds according to weather or the traffic ahead. The appropriate speed limits will be suggested so ensure to follow them to ensure your trip is safe.

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Halfway the journey, you will come across the Leipzig city, and this would be a perfect place to spend your night. It is one of the most historic cities in Germany and home to Germany music, art and culture so ensure to learn one or two thinks about the people of Germany. Consider exploring the historic building, beer gardens and restaurants in Berlin before you plan for the return trip on the scenic route heading south along A-93 and A-13 a rest at Dresden the old town reconstructed after World War II and the home to native art museums.

Scotland – Edinburgh to Inverness

Ensure you spend a few of your trip days at the Edinburgh city to understand the history of this city as well walk around the ancient streets. Ensure to explore the iconic Edinburgh Palace located at the upper side of the Royal Mile and also ensure to visit the Hollywood park as well as the Arthurs seat which is the highest point in Edinburgh so that you have a clear view of the entire city.

Scotland Road Trip, dailycarblog

Once you are done exploring the beautiful scenery here, you can now drive along the Scottish Highlands on the Route A-82 and M-9 heading to the rocky peaks and green hills. Here you will enjoy plenty of streams and waterfalls as well as the famous Fort William. You will also come across the Helix Park, which is the most massive horse sculpture globally.

France – The Strasbourg Paris road trip

After spending several days in Paris, you can now drive to the upper countryside to explore the morning croissants and Eiffel Tower views. If you have still adequate time with you, you can spend your first night in Strasbourg before you visit the wine county.

It takes about four-six hours to drive from Strasbourg and Paris, but you may want to rest along the way mainly if you wish to follow the Alsace Wine Route. Two hours are just okay to move from eastern Paris following the Route A-4 to Reims which has been popularly known because of its magnificent Gothic cathedral which is the epicenter of France’s Champagne region.

Scotland Road Trip, dailycarblog
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