Mustang Owners, Bad manual transmission, dailycarblog
Mustang Owners Launch Class Action Law Suit Against Ford, Scotty Kilmer Explains Why

Turns out Ford Mustangs with manual transmissions made between 2011 and 2019 are pretty much a pile of rubbish. Or at least you will make more money from a pile of rubbish as opposed to buying a gated transmission Ford Mustang. Turns out that Ford approached a Chinese supplier of manual transmissions to save money. Mustang owners were caught unawares.

Ford achieved its aim of saving money, however, the Chinese made manual transmission was found to be horrendously unreliable. At the expense of Mustang owners. So money saved on one front is money lost on another. Great work as always Ford.

There is a silver lining of sorts, the vast majority of Mustang owners go for automatic transmissions. Offering a manual transmission was probably becoming uneconomical for Ford, so to save money they cut costs. A decision that led owners to issue a class-action lawsuit.

Mustang Owners, Bad manual transmission, dailycarblog
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