Cybertruck tested, dailycarblog
Elon Musk And Jay Leno Test The Tesla Cybertruck

We here at DCB love the Tesla Cybertruck, it looks awesome. And we’ll try and get one on the fleet, for permanent use. Elon Musk has redefined what a pickup truck should look like. The Cybertruck isn’t scheduled to go on sale in the UK in late 2021, maybe mid-2022. As of now, around 600,000 pre-orders are confirmed. But it will be impossible for Tesla to meet that demand in 1 year.

If you are one of those on the Cybertruck waiting list then you might have to add another 2 years to the release date. Tesla sold 367,500 vehicles in 2019, a 50 percent increase over 2018. The company is sure to take a production and sales hit in this year of Covid-19.

In total, Tesla has manufactured and sold over 800,000 vehicles. So even if Tesla increases production by another 50 percent in 2021 the company will still be 300,00 Cybertrucks short of fulfilling all pre-orders in the first year of release.

So if you are one of the lucky few who receive the very first batch of Cybertrucks you could probably double or triple your money because demand will be hot and Cybertrucks will be in short supply.

Cybertruck tested, dailycarblog
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