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7 Common Causes of Pedestrian Car Accidents: Were You Injured by a Reckless Driver?

As the temperatures outside get warmer, more and more people hit the streets. The fact is, traveling by foot is a healthier and wiser option in many cases; however, it is not always safer. Over 70K pedestrians are injured each year and over 4K die in auto-related accidents every year. Even though this is just a small percentage of the vehicle-accident total, it is still disproportionate. Up to 11% of transport (disregarding the total miles traveled) occurs while people are on foot, but pedestrians are involved with approximately 13% of all vehicle-related fatalities.

While drivers are considered to be responsible for controlling their vehicles, from a legal standpoint, all the time, most pedestrian accidents are the result of the actions of pedestrians. On days when the sun is shining, when more people are outdoors, they are involved with up to 90% of incidents. Also, age is a factor with people over the age of 65 and children under 15 accounting for approximately 27% of fatalities and up to 34% of all injuries. Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents and situations where contacting a Pedestrian Accident Attorney are necessary, are found below.

1. Improper Lane Usage

Most pedestrian accidents occur in the road while about two-thirds occur on streets in the city. A bike rider on the sidewalk may hit pedestrians or force them to move on to the road.

When this happens, serious injuries and even fatal situations may arise to the individual who was forced into the roadway. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that is much more common than many people realize. Understanding the risk of this type of accident is the best way to prevent it from occurring.

2. Unmarked Crosswalks

Intersections are one of the most common places that pedestrian accidents occur. Using a signalled crosswalk will help to significantly reduce these risks. The presence of clearly marketed pathways for pedestrians is essential near or at any parking lot. This is because drivers are much less likely to see people if they are focusing on parking their vehicles.

3. Left-Hand Turns

While safer crosswalks that feature signals are more immune to vehicle-pedestrian accidents, there are other situations to consider. Up to three times as many people are hit by vehicles that are turning left than by vehicles that are turning right. This is because both parties are looking somewhere else. The drivers are busy trying to figure out the intersection and people who are crossing the street are usually looking straight ahead of them.

4. Electronic Devices

If someone is behind the wheel, there is a consensus that it is best for them to avoid texting. IN fact, according to a study by NYU Langone Medical Center, up to eight per cent of all accidents involving pedestrians in New York City occurred while the victim was using some type of electronic device. This included music devices, cellphones, and more. This same study found that a large number of accidents took place because of passengers leaving vehicles when they were on the side of the road.

5. Quiet Cars

When it comes to peace and quiet in the neighbourhood, the use of battery-operated vehicles along with hybrids is popular. However, it has also been found that these vehicles are up to 40% more likely to hit someone who is walking -; a pedestrian. Most pedestrians will detect traffic with both their eyes and ears. The risk grows to 50% in a residential area where the speed limit is at or under 35 miles per hour and turns are much more frequent.

6. Wearing Dark Clothing

Almost 50% of all the pedestrian accidents that occur happen on the weekends and up to 70% occur at night. Once the sun goes down at night, lightly coloured and bright clothing is much easier to see. This is something that is critical in areas that are not well illuminated. If someone is going to be walking at night, it is also recommended they use some type of reflective material or a pocket flashlight, which makes their visibility and the visibility of drivers better. It can help to prevent the potential of an accident.

7. The Use of Arterial Roads

Today, cities are drawing more and more people. This necessitates the need for high-speed, multi-lane roadways. These are needed to move traffic to and away from the highways. Unfortunately, these are sights that are also quite hazardous to the more densely populated areas that they are serving, where walking is considered commonplace, and where the presence of bus stops is plentiful.

Some of the accidents are also the result of construction zones that are not properly marked. One way to help signal drivers of these issues is by using plenty of road cones along with hazard markings. According to a recent study from the Highway Safety Research Center from the University of North Carolina is that most urban pedestrian accidents occur on or in these types of roadways.

When to Hire an Attorney

When it comes to pedestrian accidents, there is no question that serious injuries may occur. Knowing the most common cause of these accidents is the best way to ensure they don’t occur. While there is no way to prevent all pedestrian accidents, knowing common causes is a good start. If someone is involved in this type of situation, hiring an accident attorney for help with their situation is key. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the deserved compensation will be awarded for the accident that occurred.

Don’t ignore the need to hire an attorney. Knowing the signs that this legal service is needed is the best way to receive the compensation deserved after a pedestrian accident occurs. Being informed and taking the time to find the right attorney will pay off in the long run. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. With the right attorney who has prior experience with these types of pedestrian cases, it is possible to acquire the compensation deserved for the injuries suffered.

Crash test dummy pedestrian, dailycarblog
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