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Master Yoda On Sebastian Vettel And The Formula Budget Cap
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Being a highly successful motoring/formula 1 blog opens many doors and is a pathway to new opportunities. We have the privilege of access to exclusives purely based on name recognition, integrity, professionalism and top-quality journalism. Around the world, everyone has heard of the Daily Car Blog and this name recognition has A-List celebrities constantly knocking on our door. We asked Bernie Ecclestone if he would like to share his thoughts on Sebastian Vettel and the current state of Formula 1. He declined, citing it was his toe-clipping day. So we pressed on and looked for a candidate of similar stature to Ecclestone, similar height, age, and wisdom. Master Yoda.

DCB: Master Yoda, thank you for joining us. The first question isn’t Formula 1 related, asked more out of curiosity. Or at least it is in some way related. We noticed in the first 3 episodes of Star Wars you lived a very good life. In Return of the Jedi your fortunes had significantly changed, you were living in abject poverty. Is Formula heading in a similar direction?

Master Yoda, inline image, dailycarblog Master Yoda:

“Difficult to say, never clear the future is. Jedi pension scheme stopped by The Republic it was, hmmm. Money redirected to build Death Star it was terrible waste… terrible waste. Reminds me of Grand Prix paddock it does, full of unnecessary necessities, hospitality suites the size of a Death Star. Nice food is served, complain I can not about that.”

DCB: Master Yoda, you know Sebastian Vettel well, what do you make of his time at Ferrari?

Master Yoda, inline image, dailycarblog Master Yoda:

“Sebastian Vettel… hmmm… strong he is not with the Force… I sense much frustration in him. Frustration leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to P45, P45 (Pink Slip) leads to suffering. Ferrari, on the dark side, always for the one they are. Vettel much good in him he still has, saved he can be.”

DCB: What is your advice to Sebastian Vettel? Should he stay in Formula 1 and drive with a less competitive team, or should he take a sabbatical, in your opinion what are his options? 

Master Yoda, inline image, dailycarblog Master Yoda:

“Vettel must unlearn what he has learned, a Formula 1 career is a serious commitment, he must try or try not, do or do not… there is no try. Championships matter not, makes not one great. Judge me by my lack of wins do you… hmmph. And where you should not, for my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Vettel must feel the force around him, only then, fail he will not.”

DCB: What Do You Make of The Formula 1 Budget Cap?

Master Yoda, inline image, dailycarblog Master Yoda

“Difficult to say, the Force is too weak next to the power of Formula 1. Much danger I sense in FIA, like the Emperor it reminds me. Powerful sporting body it is… powerful. Nevertheless, power absolute it is not, defeated can FIA be.”

Out of touch is Formula 1. Budget cap of $150 million is still expensive it is. Budget size should matter not. Teams should spend, or spend not, there should be no budget cap, that is the way of the Formula One Force. Twilight has always fallen upon those teams who can not compete. Life goes on it will, for 70 years Formula has existed, and continue to exist it will.”

Master Yoda, interview, dailycarblog
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