Suzuki Swift - Poland - Raiben - Dailycarblog
Suzuki Swift Owner, Fueled By The Power of Excess Alcohol, Believes He Can Fly

Poland, the year is 2020, April the something. During the Coronavirus lockdown in the town of Rąbień a severely drunken Suzuki Swift driver hurtles towards just-another roundabout with unabated fear. The high speed and the desire of the driver not to slow enables an impact that launches the car 12 metres into the air.

The airborne Suzuki’s trajectory is halted by a Chruch wall across the road and out of sight from the security camera. The 41-year-old driver had to be cut free from the wreckage, he survived, the Suzuki Swift did not. Police suspect the driver was heavily intoxicated.

Suzuki Swift - Poland - Raiben - Dailycarblog
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