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2020 Bloody Awful VW Tiguan To Get Styling & PHEV Powertrain Upgrades
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The bloody awful VW Tiguan will be updated later this year. Pre-sales facelifted test mules have been spotted out and about on public roads. Facelifts, or product updates, are mandated into the entire 8-year lifecycle of a vehicle’s sales existence. Most often these updates pertain to minor exterior and interior styling upgrades. In addition, because technology improves year-on-year you can expect to see the introduction of new technologies.

In the case of the bloody awful VW Tiguan, the pre-sales test mules clearly indicate a new set of slimmer headlights and rear tail light cluster designs. You can also see a new front and rear bumper design. We don’t expect to see any improvements to the interior’s perceived quality which relays the feeling of being sat in a premium van.

Technology updates will probably include a bigger infotainment screen and/or improved standard equipment. The biggest technology upgrade for the bloody awful Tiguan will be the introduction of a Plugin-Hybrid EV Powertrain by the end of 2020.

We expect the bloody awful Tiguan to share the PHEV powertrain currently used in the Skoda Octavia VRS. So expect a 1.4-litre, 4-cylinder 113bhp and 113bhp engine to output a total system power of 242bhp and 400Nm of torque, CO2 emissions of just 30g/km and an all-electric driving range of 19 miles.

And also expect the bloody awful VW Tiguan PHEV to be bloody expensive. We expect UK prices to start from £42k, and if that is the case then why not go for a Tesla?

Bloody Awful Tiguan - 2020 Update - Dailycarblog
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