BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe -
Daily Car Blog Visually Bans The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe
Worst Car of the Week

For the foreseeable future, perhaps for eternity, we here at the Daily Car Blog have decided to visually ban the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. This ‘thing’ is a monstrous, styling disaster. How can BMW give the world the visually appealing i8 and then give us the 2 Series Gran Coupe? They call it “eye-catching”… please you can fool us once, but you can’t fool us twice or thrice. Nevertheless, it’s a BMW so people will flock to the dealers, online or bricks and mortar because it’s got a BMW badge on it.

And because it’s got that BMW badge, people would rather ignore the hideous styling just to tell Harry and Lorraine down the Pub they now own a BMW. Because the whole point of a Pub is that it enables the constant stream of boasting and talking nonsense for hours. After a few hours of talking nonsense, the second Pub-Phase begins… getting drunk and fighting. Nevertheless, when BMW does good, no one can touch them. When BMW does bad, no one can touch them.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe is pure BMW bad, bad to the bone bad. We had to take the unprecedented step of using Photoshop to blackout the exterior styling. The 2 Series Gran Coupe looks so bad it makes my eyes water, I just don’t get how it could pass BMW’s approval process.

Honestly, it appears as if it was designed and developed by BMW’s Group Focus Test department, then handed over to the Marketing team who used an AI-driven design process to arrive at the final product. Focus Group testing is a design-by-questionnaire process.

Focus Groups should be banned from the corporate design philosophy. BMW, just let your designers, stylists and engineers do their thing. They will work out what works best and do it with style. But nooooo, BMW corporate goons are process-driven.

For the corporate goons, they have got to hit the deadlines, and nail that Agile or Scrum project management because it’s all about collecting the bonus baby. And at the end of this process, you get the disgusting looking 2 Series Gran Coupe. BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, you are a styling ‘masterpiece’ and the worst car of the week.   

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe -
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