SEAT Ateca - Cupra Limited Edition -
WOW! The Limited Editon High-Performance SEAT Cupra Ateca is HERE!
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Long have we waited for the SEAT Ateca Cupra Limited Edition. Long have we stared at the distant horizon, gazed at the full moon, long have we journeyed great distances. Finally the wait, the journey is over. The SEAT Cupra Ateca Limited Edition is upon on us, in plain view, for all to see… and it is in full HD, full screen, let’s go! As you can guess we’re getting carried away. Spain has become a top tourist hive for British holidaymakers. The British descend up on Spain like a drunken invading army, primarily because they are drunk for the duration of their stay. In many ways, the British in Spain are not too dissimilar to rats. They ravage the beautiful Spanish resorts, fight, urinate, defecate, spread sick in large volumes, take huge amounts of cocaine and cause criminality. 

SEAT Ateca - Cupra Limited Edition - Interior -

But what do the Spanish do? they welcome the British back every god-damn year. And there is even more, the Spanish also reward the British with such things as the SEAT Cupra Ateca Limited Edition. It’s the high-performance version of the Ateca because you know you need it. But there is a price to pay. The Limited Edition model, limited to 100 units in the UK, starts from £42,120 in Rhodium Grey. Go for the exclusive Graphene Grey with Akrapovic Exhaust System – which saves 7kg in overall weight –  and you also pay for it – £45,160 pay for it. 

The Cupra Ateca Limited Edition is powered by a 295bhp (300PS), 400Nm, 2-litre four-cylinder TSI petrol engine with a seven-speed DSG transmission, 4Drive (four-wheel drive). It can do 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, a top speed of 153mph. But what if that is not enough to satisfy you? Then fear not because there is a wallet stripping power upgrade to choose from.

The ABT Sportsline power upgrade pushes the power and torque to 345bhp (350PS) and 440Nm, respectively. This boosts mid-range torque to improve drivability and response when on the move. But the 0-62mph time is exactly the same, although the top speed increases to 158mph.

SEAT Ateca - Cupra Limited Edition - RQ - Jesus -

The CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition exterior boasts a host of styling cues including the newly-designed 20-inch copper alloy wheels, a unique copper thread carbon fibre roof spoiler that enhances aerodynamic performance, as well as copper thread mirror covers and stylish copper CUPRA lettering.

The large wheels also allow for the fitment of standard 18-inch Brembo brakes which enhance the stopping power.

SEAT Ateca - Cupra Limited Edition -
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