Der Neue Mercedes GLA Is Here… But Why Does It Look Like A Mitsubishi?
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OK, so the new second-generation Mercedes GLA compact SUV has been revealed, to a rather muted fanfare, it has to be said. One first has to make commentary on the new design language. That’s a difficult area because it is so subjective. Objectively speaking, after much head-scratching, I decided to use a comparison. It looks like a Mitsubishi ASX. And that means it’s bland looking. Perhaps Mercedes realised this at the very last moment and perhaps that’s why they decided to prioritise the all singing all dancing AMG 45 4Matic performance as the launch edition. But enough of the conspiracy theory.

The Mercedes AMG GLA 45 4Matic is due to go on sale in the UK in April with first deliveries expected in the summer. Pricing has yet to be revealed, that’s another convenient press release away. More free coverage for Mercedes in the build-up to the final fanfare. The launch edition model is dressed to kill and rides on standard 19-inch alloys with the option of 20-inch or 21-inch alloys.

The AMG GLA 45 4Matic is powered by an upgraded weapons-grade 2.0-litre, 387bhp engine… the most powerful series-produced four-cylinder turbo engine in the world, so says He-Man. The engine will be available in two output and torque versions. The base model will deliver387bhp is more while the S-variant unleashes 421bhp.

Mercedes GLA - 2020 AMG 4 Matic - Launch edition rear

The active, fully-variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive distributes the power to the rear axle wheel-selectively by AMG TORQUE CONTROL. This will, theoretically, provide enhanced traction in any driving condition. This is made possible by a new rear axle differential featuring two multi-disc clutches – one for each rear wheel.

Mercedes GLA - 2020 AMG 4 Matic - Launch edition

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 8G dual-clutch transmission apportions the power within a split second to suit the specific driving situation. AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving mode, – Standard, Comfort, Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Individual –  allows the driver to configure acceleration and gearshift settings. The adaptive damping system AMG RIDE CONTROL enables the driver to choose between three different suspension control modes.

Mercedes GLA - 2020 AMG 4 Matic - Launch edition

The interior now showcases the latest Mercedes design language, this particular model features yellow accents to literally highlight Mercedes’ racing heritage. It also features the new MBUX infotainment system, man-made leather is standard and being an expensive launch edition it will come fitted with a lot of equipment you don’t need but really want.

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