Audi Make America Great Again - 45 TFSi - Q7 -
Audi Q7 Makes America Great Again, Downsizes With 4-Cylinder Entry Level Engine
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The Audi Q7 – and not Donald Trump – will make America great again. It may not be the most exciting news of the day, talking about engine capacities and trims levels, etc. But, the Audi Q7 is downsizing, a trend enacted by auto manufactures in order to fulfill or rather reduce their carbon footprint. Failure to do so could lead to environmental fines from the EU. The recently facelifted Q7 is getting ready for an entry-level model debut for the USA market. The 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, 248bhp / 370NM torque TFSi is now on the Q7 entry-level menu. It’s otherwise known as the Q7 45 TFSi.

Audi Make America Great Again - 45 TFSi - Q7 - Interior -

Top speed is around 130mph, 0-62mph… it doesn’t really matter about the performance figures or mpg figures. It’s going to fast enough for most people and moderately efficient. However, Americans do not do diesel powerplants and consider 4-cylinder engines as being quaint. America is ruled by the V8 powered Pickup truck. Admittedly the Q7 is a more elegant alternative.

And Americans don’t manual transmissions, and neither does the Q7 because it only does the 8-speed auto, which comes with 4-wheel drive. Personally speaking the 45 TFSi in the Q7 may well not be a good fit. Having Driven the A6 TFSi recently, I felt as though it was eventually powerful enough for everyday use.

What I mean, is that the 45 TFSi is a good engine, but it doesn’t have mid-range punch of a turbo-diesel or the V6 petrol variant to shift all of the Q7’s mass. But entry-level is entry-level, nevertheless, the Q7 will still come equipped with LED lights, power tailgate, rain-sensing wipers, and 19-inch alloys. On the inside you also get a gorgeous leather-trimmed interior, the Virtual Cockpit is standard.

Audi Make America Great Again - 45 TFSi - Q7 - Rear -

And you get a lot more toys as standard, panoramic sunroof, tri-zone climate control to name a few. Pricing for the Q7 45 TFSi starts at $54,800 USD. However, the entry-level model is also offered with a premium upgrade package that adds more luxuries you don’t necessarily need. Cost? $57,200 USD.

Will the Audi Q7 45 TFSi really make America great again? of course it will, admittedly the headlines are over the top.

Audi Make America Great Again - 45 TFSi - Q7 -
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