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What Is The Dacia Duster And Is It Any Good? Carwow Finds Out So We Don’t Have To

I do not know what kind of misery someone or organisation must be in to conceive of the Dacia Duster. We blame Carlos “The Fugitive Fraudster” Ghosn. Dacia follows Ghosn’s personal philosophy of cost-cutting, Ghosnintroduced cost-cutting across the Renault Nissan alliance, the strategy saved both companies from extinction. We now know where all the savings went… to line Carlos “The fugitive Fraudster” Ghosn’s £5,000 Brioni suits, private yachts, private jets, property empire, un-declared earnings.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Dacia brand was led by cheerful marketing hype. Hype in that it’s OK to buy cheap as shit cars. And the Dacia Duster is 90 percent shit and 10 percent cheap, it’s an SUV if you didn’t already know. We tested one a few years ago and our professional opinion hasn’t changed to this day.

The Dacia Duster was a pile of shit back when we tested and it is still shit today. Yes the Duster is cheap but the depreciation isn’t cheap so we do not understand the marketing-led hype that to buy cheap is the best. Mat Watson does his best to remain impartial, but the Duster is what it is.

The Duster is like stepping in a pile of shit, in that the smell never goes away. No, we’re being too harsh. What the Dacia Duster is… it is the Happy Shopper of car brands. If you are reading this in America, Happy Shopper is a British “affordable” brand, as an example, they make cheap fizzy drinks.

And believe me, cheap fizzy drinks always leave your tongue-tingling and teeth rotting. Don’t buy the Duster, the amount you lose in depreciation isn’t worth it, you may as well buy a Mercedes.

Dacia Duster - Carwow - reveiw - Dailycarblog.com
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