Shmee150 Has Got Yet Another New Supercar… An AMG GT R Pro

When you buy a new car like a Mercedes AMG GTR Pro mostly you want to get in and drive it straight away. Not if you are supercar superstar YouTuber Shmee150. When he took delivery of his range-topping AMG GTR Pro it went straight on a trailer and headed towards car detailing specialists Topaz Detailing. The YouTuber had yet to set foot into his new toy.

But he eventually resists the discipline and takes his new car for a quick spin. The V8, twin-turbo 577bhp Mercedes supercar costs £185,000 new before options. But there is a first world problem. Shmee150 has to run-in his new car, for the first 1,000 miles. That means he can not even go above 85mph in a car that can do 200mph.

He can not even go above 4,000rpm and kick-down is definitely off the menu. That’s the price you pay for buying supercar exotica. It looks like fun nevertheless. One question we here at DCB continually ask ourselves is why didn’t we ever start a YouTube channel… WHY!?!

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